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"Of all Blessings that come with Christian filmmaking, testimonies are the treasure." - Kyle Prohaska, Praise Pictures Inc.

Girl from India (name hidden for safety reasons)
Added on Dec. 10, 2011
"I watched the movie Standing Firm today. I was feeling down about certain things, but I feel so much better now. I come from a Hindu family (from India) that abhors my faith, and things have been rough. I've gotten impatient at times while praying that my family would come to know Christ. Rom 8:28, Prov 3:5-6, etc. have helped me walk with the Lord and this movie strengthened my faith in the Lord more. Thanks a ton for giving us a movie like this. God Bless You."

Connie L.
Added on Nov. 12, 2011
"How cool to see a movie made on a shoe string budget be so compelling and looking at real issues today. I hope to see more from this group. What a treasure to have a movie that asks tough questions, doesn't have neatly wrapped up ways of fixing things, but shows that being a follower of Christ, He will help you through whatever happens. I recommend this one...and be sure to watch the extra's on the video."

Carl W.
Added on Oct. 27, 2011
"For those who watch Christian films and feel that some story lines are a bit unrealistic (although elating) when everything ends on a high note for the main character, this film will be refreshing. Standing Firm gets the Romans 8:28 perspective just about right, but I won't give it away for those who haven't watched. The actors did a really good job of portraying the challenges from two different sides when it comes to knowing what is right and then sticking with it. There was good smattering of lighter elements which helped vary the tension carried by the main storyline."

Michaela S. - Germany
Added on Apr. 7, 2011
"I first saw the trailer to this film on Facebook. In watching just this few minutes I was so deeply impressed I had to get the DVD. Unfortunately it is not available in Germany, so I had to order it directly in America. The day I got it I watched it and again was so deeply impressed both of the story and of the actors. The quotations made out of the bible don't overshadow the development of the story itself and people's feelings. For me the main message out of that film is God has his own time for working in our lives."

Lorina L.
Added on Jan. 13, 2011
"This is the one to watch when 2011 starts. To know HIM is to love HIM and this movie really brings that message home."

Connie R.
Added on Jan. 13, 2011
"Lost my husband 6 1/2 yrs ago. He was a rock in my faith. I am only recently finding my way with the help of my new Pastor & Church. You have no idea how much this movie 'hit home' for me. Thank you."

F. Ed Knutson - KKVV Las Vegas Christian Talk Radio
Added on Nov. 8, 2010
"I received my copy in the mail yesterday, and watched the film last evening! I have to admit, I am astounded. KUDOS! The story, the message, the actors and crew, all astounding! I will definitely be sharing and recommending this fine production."

Patrick V. - The Netherlands
Added on Nov. 8, 2010
"I think it is a fabulous movie. I could feel the love and touch of the Lord it. It moved me to tears. It's message is very encouraging and comforting for me, as I've suddenly lost my wife seven weeks ago. She was a lovely christian. I was also moved by the story behind the movie. My hat off for this incredible feat. God bless all of you."

Kemper L.
Added on Oct. 4, 2010
"Standing Firm tells a story that rarely is told in movies - a guy who gets his life right with God while friends and family surround him with the love of Christ. This stuff typically doesn't make it to films, shows, or newspapers because it is not about someone ruining their life or doing something stupid in order to be noticed. Thanks for being a model of what meaningful movies can and should be."

Bryan S.
Added on Oct. 3, 2010
"In 2007, my mother, a very strong Christian woman was killed in a car accident. She taught me about our loving God and Savior. My father has always played the what if game. He has acted and been affected by the tragedy in much the same way as the main character of Standing Firm. I can relate to Stephen, as we have been through the same trials. I watched Standing Firm through Netflix and now plan on purchasing a copy for my father and I to watch together. Thank you for such a powerful message and tool to use in my own life. This film has truly been blessed and will bless many! Thank you for listening to the call and enduring for the kingdom!."

Mark S.
Added on Sept. 26, 2010
"Completely awesome movie! Solid biblical focus and very engaging. We were way into this movie through the whole thing. Highly, highly recommended. It was so good, that it had us turning our eyes off ourselves and onto others!"

Deborah T.
Added on Sept. 20, 2010
"This movie is simply amazing. It has a great story line and isn't cheezy like some Christian movies can be. Best Christian movie I have seen! Buy a copy, you won't be sorry."

David C.
Added on Sept. 14, 2010
"Standing Firm is Writer/Producer/Director Kyle Prohaska's first film. To be honest, I was expecting it to look like someone's first film,not very good. Yet my wife and I were pleasantly surprised by the quality throughout the film. The story is grounded in reality; we can all relate to pain, loss and grief. The characters are believable. The cinematography is pretty good given the limited budget. The bottom line is communicated excellently; despite great suffering, we can still have hope because Jesus lived, died and rose from the grave! The future looks very bright for this young filmmaker. He is clearly wise beyond his years and well-grounded in his faith. I look forward to seeing more of his work down the road."

Jim David., CA - Cinema of Faith Ministry
Added on Sept. 7, 2010
"I've shown 29 Christian films over the last two years at my church & when movies like Standing Firm come out, it makes my job much easier. For starters, the story feels real and relatable. The character development was engaging from the first scene, to the point that you care about the people in this film. Two things stand out for me in this film: One is that there is a greater emphasis on what happens in the life of the new believer (instead of someone getting saved to Christ in the last 10 minutes). Secondly, that not everything is "easy" throughout the process. Getting up every day and denying oneself doesn't always lead to one happy moment after another (sorry Joel), and SF offers a genuine balance here. What I really want to say here, I will not or I will spoil the endingL. I also like the approach that the main character is not and unbeliever, but just angry at God, and we get to see how God reconciles that relationship. Taking into account the budget involved, it's truly amazing to see the finished product. You can also sense that the final product is clearly a testimony to the power of prayer. I highly recommend this film and even more so, bring this film to your "community" through a public showing at your church. Share the glory and widen the possibility of softening hearts for Christ! With tools like these, it is hard to go wrong!"

Mark S., MD
Added on Sept. 7, 2010
"Having worked on the film, there were many times I was touched by what the characters were going through as I mixed the film. But the tell-tale sign was watching my wife¹s reaction as she watched it for the first time with me. She was particularly blessed and encouraged to know that having struggles in her faith are not moments of failure but are indeed opportunities for triumph in Christ. In her opinion, it was better than any Christian film she had seen in a long time. This film is truly one for your collection."

Steve G., VA
Added on Aug. 25, 2010
"This movie is one that every Christian should own. The story is one that we all can relate to in terms of dealing with pain and suffering in our lives. It is hard to believe how well done this production is for the limited budget, but it delivers, and delivers in a powerful way. The music score goes well with the movie and it really helps you feel the emotions involved in the story. It shows that no matter what we go through in this life, God will never leave us and is always there, even if we falter. I'll recommend this movie as an excellent choice. Thanks to Praise Pictures and I look forward to the next movie."

Randall M., MS
Added on Aug. 24, 2010
"Standing Firm touches my heart and moves me toward a more solid walk with my Lord. From the perspective of production and professionalism in a first film, it is an amazing accomplishment for a man of Kyle Prohaska's youth. It is clear that God had to be guiding him as he wrote, directed and produced the movie. Even more important than the cinematic quality is its spiritual depth and the potential it has to challenge Christ followers and reach those who still need Christ in their lives."

Mike J., GA
Added on Aug. 23, 2010
"Standing Firm is a strong and clear picture of Christianity. The Bible says that if you deny Christ before men, He will deny you before the Father. Standing firm in your faith is a cornerstone of being Christian and this movie stresses this and shows you how it's done. The storyline is great, the cinematography is up there with movies that cost a hundred times more to make. This is Kyle Prohaska's first movie but shouldn't be his last. I've got 4 movies at the front of my collection -- "Flywheel", "Facing the Giants", "Fireproof" and now "Standing Firm". A great movie for your collection and as a gift."

Mark J., MN
Added on Aug. 18, 2010
"This is a very well done film that deals with real life. A heartwarming story of a family's struggle with faith and circumstances that are relate-able. Christian films can occasionally fall into the category of sub-par or sappy. This film does not. There are many layers to the movie which makes it very interesting to watch and the screenwriting was handled with a lot of thought and care. There is even a very clear Gospel message in there that is so natural and dead on right that I was just blown away by how crystal clear it was. I believe that once the word gets out about this film, it will be seen by many, with the end goal of lives being changed. Nicely done! This is one of the must-haves of 2010."

Stephen N., Canada
Added on Aug. 18, 2010
"First production by the filmmaker and well done, both from a production level and from the story's viewpoint. May lives be touched to look at the cross and a God that put Himself through such pain, who knows what we go through in suffering, and gives hope. The ending in this film said much to me and really lifted my heart... the grave is not the end. We are destined for eternity. Where will you go?"

Bobby L., FL
Added on Aug. 10, 2010
"Simply Awesome! Forget the popcorn and break out the tissue! So shocking how every one of us can put ourselves in his position (the father) in some form or another during the movie. May God Bless this movie and introduce it into every home giving us all the strength we need to be a light for our loved ones and people we meet each day. Jesus did his part by dying on the cross for our sins, now it is our part to bring Jesus Christ to all the souls we meet and this movie is just one more wonderful tool we are blessed to work with."

Garret V., NY
Added on Aug. 6, 2010
"Standing Firm was great. It showed how in the midst of struggles and what we may even call tragedy God will always be there for you to not only get you through it and build your faith and trust in Him, but that He will use that situation to even sometimes bring people to know Christ. None of the cast were Hollywood stars but God used them mightly to make the message of Hope in Jesus visible in this film. I would totally recommend this movie to all!"
Jake O., MN
Added on Aug. 5, 2010
"I watched Standing Firm and found it to have two components often lacking in Christian Films; namely authenticity and believable characters and dialogue. I feel like the people in the film could have been people I know. When one character comes to Christ, it's so classic to see him beating himself up because he couldn't lead his co-worker to Christ on his first day back to work since putting his faith in Jesus. I've seen new believers with that sense of "What I'm experiencing is real, why can't I just share it"? and the passion to do so. I pray that this film does great on DVD because it speaks to our times, dealing directly with God's providence and sovereignty in the flattening of the housing bubble and the economic crisis. I highly recommend this film."

Jeremiah W., TX
Added on Aug. 5, 2010
"Standing Firm is a realistic portrayal of the struggles and pains that we go through as Christians. You faith will be strengthened and uplifted through the story of this film."

Heather K., NY
Added on Aug. 5, 2010
"Simply put, this movie is amazing. The characters, the storyline, and the quality all make you feel as if you are apart of the story. Standing Firm is a top-notch film and is one of the most biblically sound and centered movies I've seen! It is relevant for anyone of any age."

Matthew C., NY
Added on Aug. 5, 2010
"Standing Firm is an above average piece, including something for prayer-warriors, the hard-working man, or a college student struggling to do what is what is right in the middle of adversity. You will walk away from the film understanding that life, although sometimes unpleasant, can still be wonderful in Christ Jesus our Lord. The story is real, the people are authentic, and the ending will surprise viewers. Standing Firm is a movie that exemplifies a Christ-like journey of faith when the name of Jesus is explicitly mentioned, and when it isn't. There are many new movies bearing the name of Jesus Christ, but very few depict the reality of a life with Christ in the way Standing Firm does."

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