micHelping Out The Other Christian Filmmakers...
Part of being a Christian Filmmaker is helping out other ones when the time comes. We are on a mission very different from any normal filmmaker out there. We want to make films yes but we our goals and reasons for making them are radically different from mainstream.

There are many ways you as a typical consumer can help out the Christian film market. Its a new market and very young right now but its still easy to assist in its growth. Most Christian filmmakers or companies that sell Christian films have ways to view those movies with larger audiences, church cinema programs, bulk purchasing options, things of that sort. It's a great way to have an outreach program in your church. Some movies are setup specifically to be outreach tools so TAKE ADVANTAGE! Some people are very difficult to witness to or share the gospel with but they are likely to sit and watch a film, especially if they're a movie lover. There are no excuses now a days to share your faith. If you aren't the street witnessing, track giving, sign wearing type then give someone something they are familiar with....a DVD. It doesn't get much easier than that folks.

Between the Walls
There are two folks I want to pinpoint right now, Chris and Nick Staron...twin brothers from Ohio. Their heart is in the right place, and their goals and methods to creating their films are similar to mine. They run a company called Glowing Nose LLC. They posted a message recently on their site..."Times are tough! We’re lowering prices to ease the pain. Order Between the Walls for only $9.99!" If your interested in helping out the Staron Brothers, why not order one of their movies? I have quite a few people on this email list, and if only a small % of you bought a DVD, or a few of them to give out to friends and family...you could help them out a great deal.

The video to the right is a message from Chris Staron explaining their public screening policy. It's a good testiment to the kind of heart these two guys have and the kind of goals and such they have for Glowing Nose...and its future endevours. By the way, the screening page and numbers he is talking about can be found here. When is the last time your church had a "Movie Night?"

To find our more about Glowing Nose and Between the Walls go to their site at http://www.glowingnose.com Also you'll find links to information on the Staron Brothers latest creation BRINGING UP BOBBY. It's a comedy about.....Identity :) Look at the bottom of the newsletter for information and links. Don't forget to share these things with your friends and family. Copy and Pasting a link to an email is easy, and hardly time consuming.

STANDING FIRM NEWS: Although there isn't a whole lot to report in the world of SF right now, it IS the Standing Firm Email Newsletter so I can't leave you all hanging out to dry :P This Saturday we are shooting the opening of the film, it's one of our last days of shooting, and one of our last big days with extras, lots of commotion going on, etc. Pray that all goes well and that we are successful in getting what we need. Weather is changing quickly here in WNY. Time to wrap things up quickly. Thanks to all for your support and prayers.

micFireproofTheMovie.com - ONLY DAYS AWAY
FIREPROOF is an action-packed love story from the creators of FACING THE GIANTS that opens September 26 in theaters across the country. FIREPROOFmymarriage.com is a sister site to the movie's main site Fireproofthemovie.com. It has all sorts of information about the film but most importantly resources to help families and marriages especially, get back on track. The site is broken down into catagories so pick yours and enjoy! TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!

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micBringing up Bobby - a new comedy
Another Christian film coming soon is Bringing Up Bobby, a comedy by the Award Winning Staron Brothers. Another film by them released in 2006, Between The Walls, can be found for purchase at countless places online.

Visit the Bringing up Bobby website

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