OK here's the deal, FIREPROOF opens in around 850 theaters this weekend. Your thinking, "good for them, but what does that mean for me?" Well that means you need to go see it! What will happen is if the film does very well (which I have no doubts it will) then it has the opportunity to widen its release to more theaters across the country. The theaters are thinking of this as a business opportunity but you need to think of it as a ministry opportunity. The better the film does, the more theaters might be open to showing it, and for a longer stretch of time. Do your part and support a film like this to make an impact. Some people I have talked to have mentioned ticket prices being high. Come now people, what do you have to give up? It's pennies compared to the other junk we spend our money on most of the time. :) NO excuses here.

If you have plans, change them...
If you have to work, get the time off...
If your tired, drink a Redbull...
If you have a date planned, FIREPROOF your date!...
Whatever you we're doing this weekend, change it, get off your duff and go see this film!

Interesting Note: FIREPROOF was recently #1 @ Fandango.com in presales tickets!


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lovedareThe Love Dare Book

In FIREPROOF, The Love Dare covers the topics of relationship parasites (addictions like pornography and gambling) and unconditional love. The Love Dare devotional book expands and extends the topics addressed in the film’s plot to include such vital issues as:

- Why Marriage? Explore the blessings and challenges of godly marriage.
- Contract or Covenant? Examine the difference between the world’s design for marriage and God’s original intention.
- Clean Fighting. Learn how to fight the fires of conflict effectively and respectfully.
- Leading Your Heart, Instead of Vice Versa. Practice choosing love when it isn’t your instinctive response.

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Praise Pictures Review:


FIREPROOF, The Greatest Outreach tool since the "Passion"

I saw FIREPROOF at a pre-screening. What I was presented with was not just a great story, but one of the greatest outreach tools I've ever seen. This film in every sense of the word is a Ministry Machine! Its ability to teach the viewer about marriage is unparalleled and the Kendrick Brothers hit every nail on the head. The lessons and struggles are relatable and presented with great care. The action sequences are well done for a film at this budget range and serve their purpose at giving the audience a taste of excitement in between the emotionally charged scenes. Kirk Cameron has finally broken from the "Growing Pains" mold with his performance and I find it to be his best to date.

May God Bless Sherwood PIctures and its many projects to come, I look forward to what the future holds.

Kyle Prohaska
CEO, Praise Pictures Inc.

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FLYWHEEL — created with the same faith-filled warmth and humor of FACING THE GIANTS—is the first movie produced by Sherwood Pictures, the moviemaking ministry of a Georgia church. Written by the Kendrick Brothers and starring Alex Kendrick (who played Coach Grant Taylor), FLYWHEEL will have you cheering once again!

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