Prayers for Strength

STANDING FIRM hits store shelves in a little over 40 days.  This is a mind-blowing reality and every day it sinks in more and more.  What a wonderful journey the Lord has taken me on in these last few years getting this film made.  So many of you out there have prayed countless times for this production, the tough situations that came around, when deaths of friends or family happened, when technical problems arose, and all sorts of other things.  Thank you for your dedication and for partnering with Praise Pictures in this mission to reach others for Jesus.

I want to ask you again, to pray specifically for these next 40 days. The church screenings involve a lot of prep work, a lot of heavy thinking and logistical problems, money (which is in short supply) for materials, the store on is yet to be built, and all the while more and more people are coming in via phone, email, facebook, twitter, etc. with anticipation for this films release and for the church screening availability.  It’s so much for one person to handle, and I’m asking all of you for your prayers.  I need the Holy Spirits power during this time to handle this workload.  To think this film was made in a kids bedroom in Ransomville, NY (pop. less than 1300) still blows my mind.  The Lord gets the credit for that…had I tried to do it all in my own strength (which I had fallen into many times) I would’ve either quit or just plain ol’ failed a long time ago.  This film is a miracle!  It’s only something the Lord could bring together.  He alone is to be praised for it’s completion.

The attacks from the enemy are sure to be strong and plentiful in the coming weeks and even extending into the summer/fall.  Pray for a plentiful harvest as well, something more important than anything else. Much has to be done, and I need your help.  Please pray, tell others to pray…and continue to spread the word about our film.  If you haven’t heard about our DVD Giveaway, give it a look as well.  Sign up for the email list too.

Thank you all, God Bless you!

- Kyle Prohaska

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