Going for the Lock

Right now is an exciting time for Standing Firm! :) I have 11 days left to lock the film and then I’m never touching the edit again.  No more tweaks, no more trimming any scenes or swapping things in/out.  Scoring and spotting for the film begins right away on Feb 1st.  Since shooting day #1 way back in June 2008 I have been editing the film.  Editing started the first day we shot something, with me logging and putting together the film incrementally.  It’s been a long time coming to this point.  I’m so grateful to all the people out there in cyberspace who have given their feedback of the films edit.  I owe a lot to everyone for giving me the time of day :) You know who you are, so thank you!

Our fan page on Facebook has exceeded 8000 and continues to grow every week!  I just can’t believe how much word is getting around.  It’s going to be a difficult year leading up to the eventual DVD release.  I have so much to do and unfortunately besides the music and the sound-mix, I’ll be completing the film alone.  Locking the edit, color-correction, dvd menus and covers, promotional material, posters, the marketing online as well as distribution duties, and so many other things while trying to make ends meat to survive!  This means I need all the prayer I can get!  Please pray for wisdom, patience, energy, and everything else I might need to get this film to those who need it.  God has had his hand on it from day 1, and all of you out there have never failed to support it when you were needed…so please don’t stop now!

In case you weren’t aware, the Lord provided just enough funding for us to get across the finish line.  Combined with some personal finances, we can get this film done the right way so Praise God for that possibility!  He had us taken care of from the start, it just took a while for us to get there.  He knows what he’s doing…

Thank you for your continued support, I have a lot of work to do. :)

Kyle Prohaska
Director/everything else…lol

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