Merry Christmas!

Wow, another year comes to a close.  The production on this film has now seen 3 Christmas seasons come to pass.  That sounds absolutely insane to me :/  Three years, wow.

We’re working really hard to bring you Standing Firm as soon as humanly possible.  God is providing the means to pay for our post-production so we Praise Him for that!  Locking our edit is coming very soon, score/sound-mix should be able to start beginning of the new year, and we’re already roughing out a release plan for mid-summer.  All guesses of course but I’m thrilled to know that for the first time, I can see the remaining steps in the staircase. :)  Thanks so much for your prayers/support, we love you all so much.

Have a very Merry CHRISTmas!  Enjoy your time with friends/family :)

PS: We didn’t end up reaching our goal of 10,000 for Jan 1st, but that’s ok.  You guys really helped us push the fans to a higher level.  If you still haven’t done it yet, please invite your friends to the fan page using the Suggest to Friends button under the poster.  That would be a big Christmas gift from you to us :)

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