RIP: Mike Cooper (1975-2009)

Mike (left) speaks to the youth in Standing Firm

It’s hard to believe how many people have died during the production of this film.  The number is up to 9 now, as of yesterday.  My family buried my grandmother just a week before the start of shooting, and many others in the church family who were close to myself and others on the Cast/Crew passed away unexpectedly during the shooting.  Mike Cooper plays Mike Cooper in the film (awesome huh?).  He has a small cameo where he shares a message with a college group.  Cooper died yesterday when he fell in the Niagara Gorge seriously injuring his chest and head.  Coop was a close friend of many on the production, and yesterday was a big shock for everyone.  Mike was an amazing man of God, and shared his faith with everyone he could.  There is no doubt that the impact of his life will echo throughout the lives of his friends and even the strangers he met for years to come.  We will miss you Cooper, very much.  May the message you speak in the film impact many people far beyond the grave!  Your in the presence of your Savior now, and what a sweet thing that is.  Today is also Mike’s birthday, so Happy Birthday COOPER! :D

How ironic is it that while we make a film about death, there is so much of it around us.  This film is important, and must be finished.  Death is sure, but we don’t have to be afraid.  God’s timing is perfect, and he knows what he’s doing.  Death where is your string, where is your victory?

Jesus won, so we win.  Please be in prayer for the friends and family of Mike and for the completion of this film.  With every trial the determination to finish gets stronger and stronger.  I’m moving out to LA and the film with me very soon.  It’s been a long year, but we will make it!

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  1. Says:

    Dear Kevin:
    I have you in my prayers.
    I know this year has been exciting for you. In the mist of the excitement you have had many trials. God Says trust me. Continue to allow Him to have all the glory. Proverbs 3:5-6 seems so simple,but at times so hard to do.
    Coop and I were talking about him coming and doing an outreach ministry with the kids from the Town of Niagara. I was so excited about the possibilities that could arise. Coop had a awesome impact on young people and adults. I am praying for those people to step up and serve as Coop did, Christ like.
    God Bless you as you finish this project and search God’s will in your life. I can’t wait to see the movie. Love the bloopers, and the trailer.
    Janice Farnham Niagara Presbyterian Church.

  2. Ashley Says:

    We are having similar experiences on the set of “Letters to God” filming in Orlando. We have had a number of deaths/ illnesses/ accidents occur in the lives of our cast and crew, You should know that you all are in our prayers regularly and that we are lifting you up from afar! We are going to keep fighting the good fight and praying that all of us doing His work will be surrounded by a hedge of protection!

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