Our movie fan page explodes on Facebook!

November 13th, 2010

Our fan page on Facebook for the movie has exploded in the past 7 days from 30,000 to almost 50,000!  PRAISE GOD!

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Further Updates on

August 17th, 2010

New BTS updates/blog posts about the film are put up on, the Writer/Director/Producer’s Personal Blog.

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Prayers for Strength

July 14th, 2010

STANDING FIRM hits store shelves in a little over 40 days.  This is a mind-blowing reality and every day it sinks in more and more.  What a wonderful journey the Lord has taken me on in these last few years getting this film made.  So many of you out there have prayed countless times for this production, the tough situations that came around, when deaths of friends or family happened, when technical problems arose, and all sorts of other things.  Thank you for your dedication and for partnering with Praise Pictures in this mission to reach others for Jesus.

I want to ask you again, to pray specifically for these next 40 days. The church screenings involve a lot of prep work, a lot of heavy thinking and logistical problems, money (which is in short supply) for materials, the store on is yet to be built, and all the while more and more people are coming in via phone, email, facebook, twitter, etc. with anticipation for this films release and for the church screening availability.  It’s so much for one person to handle, and I’m asking all of you for your prayers.  I need the Holy Spirits power during this time to handle this workload.  To think this film was made in a kids bedroom in Ransomville, NY (pop. less than 1300) still blows my mind.  The Lord gets the credit for that…had I tried to do it all in my own strength (which I had fallen into many times) I would’ve either quit or just plain ol’ failed a long time ago.  This film is a miracle!  It’s only something the Lord could bring together.  He alone is to be praised for it’s completion.

The attacks from the enemy are sure to be strong and plentiful in the coming weeks and even extending into the summer/fall.  Pray for a plentiful harvest as well, something more important than anything else. Much has to be done, and I need your help.  Please pray, tell others to pray…and continue to spread the word about our film.  If you haven’t heard about our DVD Giveaway, give it a look as well.  Sign up for the email list too.

Thank you all, God Bless you!

- Kyle Prohaska

Standing Firm on DVD August 24th, 2010

April 20th, 2010

It was a little over 3 years ago when pen first hit paper on the script that would become Praise Pictures Inc.’s first feature film STANDING FIRM. I’m pleased to announce after all that time, countless hours of work, many obstacles and pitfalls, and many other things…that the film now has it’s official release date!

On August 24th, 2010 you will be able to visit your local Family Christian Store, Lifeway, Parable, and countless others as well as all major Christian retail stores online to buy your copy. This is very exciting for Praise Pictures and all those involved in creating STANDING FIRM.

Please stay in prayer as there is still work to do in finishing the film. The musical score is well on it’s way to completion, final sound-mix will be completed after that, then all the bonus features will be completed as well so you have the greatest DVD experience you can. Your all going to love the behind the scenes features!

NOTE: Pre-Orders for the film on our website and in other locations will be available in the coming months, stay tuned for more information.

Visit the OFFICIAL website

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A new newsletter is available about our new DVD release date…

(VIDEO) Standing Firm – BTS : Joan Golda

April 17th, 2010

A new video is available for Standing Firm…


Local Buffalo Magazine Article

April 11th, 2010

A local magazine in Buffalo called Thrive! released an article in their latest issue about STANDING FIRM.

Read it here:

Production & Release Update

March 31st, 2010

Kyle Prohaska (Writer/Producer/Director) recently posted an entry on his blog updating everyone on the progress of Standing Firm and its impending DVD release.

Enjoy! Stay in Prayer!

(VIDEO) Standing Firm – BTS : Eric Stevenson

March 20th, 2010

A new video is available for Standing Firm…


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March 8th, 2010

For those of you who haven’t yet, please sign up for our email list on the website.  Why?  Well for one, it enables us to contact you when there is very important news pertaining to the film like release dates (something I’m sure your waiting to hear about).  We’ll likely have future contests and give-aways, give out special links and offers, etc.  If your not on the list, you’ll be the last to get the information.

Sometime soon we’ll be setting up a second email list for those who wish to be contacted about church screening information.  We’re going to plan on getting the film into as many films as possible before or near the DVD Release date.

Our subscriber list is fairly low at the moment, and we need to build it up significantly.


Feel free to share the link with family/friends, post the link on your facebook wall or twitter.  Help us out :)

Note: Spreading the Word on Facebook

February 5th, 2010

A new note has been posted to Facebook on the Standing Firm fan page.  We need all of you to do your part to get this film to the masses!

Pray for Standing Firm (and a new Newsletter)

February 4th, 2010

If you didn’t get yesterdays newsletter, then you need to sign up on our email list here.  Here’s the newsletter regardless, but it helps to be on the list so you can find out stuff first! :)

We’d like everyone to specific concentrate on the prayer that’s needed for the film.  There is a lot of stuff to do yet to get the film out to everyone, and prayer (as always) will be the backbone of our success.  Please add us to your prayer journal or whatever prayer time you may have…we really need it.


Thanks everyone, I hope you enjoyed the new BTS video!  We definitely had some awesome crew members on this film, no matter how few we had ;)

Kyle Prohaska, Writer/Director/Producer

(VIDEO) Standing Firm – BTS : Shaun Smith

February 3rd, 2010

A new video is available for Standing Firm…


Going for the Lock

January 21st, 2010

Right now is an exciting time for Standing Firm! :) I have 11 days left to lock the film and then I’m never touching the edit again.  No more tweaks, no more trimming any scenes or swapping things in/out.  Scoring and spotting for the film begins right away on Feb 1st.  Since shooting day #1 way back in June 2008 I have been editing the film.  Editing started the first day we shot something, with me logging and putting together the film incrementally.  It’s been a long time coming to this point.  I’m so grateful to all the people out there in cyberspace who have given their feedback of the films edit.  I owe a lot to everyone for giving me the time of day :) You know who you are, so thank you!

Our fan page on Facebook has exceeded 8000 and continues to grow every week!  I just can’t believe how much word is getting around.  It’s going to be a difficult year leading up to the eventual DVD release.  I have so much to do and unfortunately besides the music and the sound-mix, I’ll be completing the film alone.  Locking the edit, color-correction, dvd menus and covers, promotional material, posters, the marketing online as well as distribution duties, and so many other things while trying to make ends meat to survive!  This means I need all the prayer I can get!  Please pray for wisdom, patience, energy, and everything else I might need to get this film to those who need it.  God has had his hand on it from day 1, and all of you out there have never failed to support it when you were needed…so please don’t stop now!

In case you weren’t aware, the Lord provided just enough funding for us to get across the finish line.  Combined with some personal finances, we can get this film done the right way so Praise God for that possibility!  He had us taken care of from the start, it just took a while for us to get there.  He knows what he’s doing…

Thank you for your continued support, I have a lot of work to do. :)

Kyle Prohaska
Director/everything else…lol

2009 – A Look Back

December 31st, 2009

To take a look at 2008′s new year post…click here.

2009 was a tough year, that much is certain.  So much to be thankful for, but not without a price.  Just as 2008 brought much death and loss to the cast/crew of this film, so did 2009.  The greatest of these in May 2009 when we lost one of our cast members and my best friend.  The film presses on, and I can’t believe the kinds of things that are happening.

This year we continued to shoot a little bit while the edit came together more and more.  We released our trailer, gathered most of our promotional video material and interviews, launched a new website, grew our Facebook fan page well beyond 7000 fans with 8000 on the way, Twitter followers nearing the 2000 mark, countless media contacts in TV, Radio, Print that have come our way and have been filed for 2010′s marketing plan and push for release, and so many other things.

No distribution came through with the larger distributors we had been hoping for from the start, but little did we know what God would have in store for us.  We’re pushing forward and will soon be gathering funds for the Score/Sound-Mix.  Our composer and sound-mixer has been chosen, and the edit is nearing it’s locking point.  Color-correction will start in February now that the proper tools to do it well are finally in hand.

Supporters around the globe have gathered in support of our film.  People from 20 different countries and 20 different languages make up the fan base we hold on Facebook.  When you consider where this project began and even where it sits now, that’s still incredible.  This isn’t some major studio film, and it’s not even a larger budget film, and look where God has brought us?  I’m so thankful to see him working in all of this.  It will be 3 years this March since the journey of Praise Pictures Inc. and Standing Firm began.  The journey has been long, it has been tough, and it’s not over, but I believe that God will be bringing something really special this new year.  We are going to attempt and shoot for a Mid-Summer release on DVD in a number of markets around the US and see what goes does.  We’re even going to attempt Subtitle creation for 5+ languages if we can so our options are open for foreign distribution.  Much is being done to take what grace God has given this little film, and use it to it’s highest potential for His Glory.  I can’t what to see what happens!

As we gather together funds, finish the film itself, develop our marketing strategy and release time, and create promotional materials and other things, please be in prayer.  Some of you have stuck with us from the very beginning, praying right along the way seeing all the victories come to pass.  I hope that regardless of what Blessing the film itself may be to you, that the experience of watching it come together has been a source of growth in your walk with Christ.

If you haven’t yet, check out the share page on our website.  If your a fan on Facebook, use the Suggest to Friends button under our poster and share the film with friends/family!

God Bless all of you,
Kyle Prohaska
Director, Standing Firm

Merry Christmas!

December 24th, 2009

Wow, another year comes to a close.  The production on this film has now seen 3 Christmas seasons come to pass.  That sounds absolutely insane to me :/  Three years, wow.

We’re working really hard to bring you Standing Firm as soon as humanly possible.  God is providing the means to pay for our post-production so we Praise Him for that!  Locking our edit is coming very soon, score/sound-mix should be able to start beginning of the new year, and we’re already roughing out a release plan for mid-summer.  All guesses of course but I’m thrilled to know that for the first time, I can see the remaining steps in the staircase. :)  Thanks so much for your prayers/support, we love you all so much.

Have a very Merry CHRISTmas!  Enjoy your time with friends/family :)

PS: We didn’t end up reaching our goal of 10,000 for Jan 1st, but that’s ok.  You guys really helped us push the fans to a higher level.  If you still haven’t done it yet, please invite your friends to the fan page using the Suggest to Friends button under the poster.  That would be a big Christmas gift from you to us :)